Your donation DOES make a difference

For your gift of $50..............The Children can get 1 new bench in a classroom

For your gift of $100.............The Children can get uniforms for the school year 

For your gift of $2000...........The Community can start a self-sustainable business

For your gift of $10000..........The village can have electricity 

Donate Today
Your Donation Saves Lives. Each day the children battle unimaginable conditions just to get to school. They must cross flooded rivers and navigate through undeveloped roads to be able to get education and a meal at school. For many children this is the only meal they will eat for the day. For 16 years CMRS has been dedicated to providing education, food, and health services to these impoverished children. We want to make poverty a thing of the past - and will continue of efforts until our goal is reached. Join us now by making a securetax-deductible donation.
If you prefer to donate by phone please call 404-484-2110.
If you would like to send a check you may send it to:

Caleb Missionary Relief Services
PO Box 362041
Decatur, Georgia   30036-2041